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Eva Beim is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse range of experiences and expertise. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Theater Arts from SDSU and an M.S. from Columbia University School of Journalism, where she was honored with the prestigious John M. Patterson Prize for Outstanding Performance in Broadcast Journalism. Eva had the privilege of working alongside Professor Emeritus Fred Friendly, focusing on the topic of terrorism. With an extensive background as a former talk show host, anchor, and reporter for esteemed media outlets such as CBS affiliates in NY, DC, and CA, CNN, KCAL (Los Angeles), WPIX (NY), and NPR, Eva has interviewed prominent politicians, including Presidents, Secretaries of State, and Congressional representatives. Her insightful pieces in the San Diego Jewish Journal center around human interest stories and politics.

In addition to her journalistic pursuits, Eva is an experienced yoga and meditation instructor, guiding her students on mindful journeys to inner peace and transcendence. Furthermore, she is the co-founder of Jaleva Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a co-inventor and patent-holder of a dermal drug delivery system. Eva's creative talents extend to the realm of music, as she is an accomplished singer and songwriter, with her CD titled "Of Light" available on popular music player apps.