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These fully-online Ed2Go career training programs, offered in cooperation with SDSU Global Campus, can help you build the job-ready skills you need to launch your career on your schedule.

All courses are 100% online, continuously updated to meet employer demands, and led by expert instructors with years of professional experience. Above all, our career training programs are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and designed to help you launch your career on your schedule.

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Online Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Online Training
$2,589 | 6 Months | 100 Course Hours

Thumbnail image of set of hands with keyboard and 9-Key keyboard.

Bookkeepers serve on the front lines of a person, company, or organization's financial health.

Strong bookkeepers set up, deploy and manage systems that record the flow of funds into and out of an entity's coffers. Bookkeepers use reporting tools and systems to help individuals and operational managers stay aware of and improve an entity's financial status and performance.

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Certified Bookkeeper
$2,195 | 6 Months | 140 Course Hours

Thumbnail image of set of hands with calculator and signing papers.

Looking to become a certified bookkeeper? In this course, you'll learn key bookkeeping concepts, definitions, and calculations you have likely encountered in your bookkeeping education and career and prepares you for the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) national certification exam.

The Certified Bookkeeper course includes prepaid vouchers with enrollment that provides access to sit for the AIPB certification exams—making it a leader among other certified bookkeeper courses.

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Freight Broker/Agent Training
$2,066 | 6 Months | 180 Course Hours

Freight truck on the road.

Prepare to launch your career in a growing industry with our online freight broker/agent training program.

You’ll learn everything from earning your broker license to operating your business and will even get to take part in weekly events that will provide you with resources, job opportunities, and important industry contacts upon graduation.

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Entrepreneurship: Start-Up Business Owner Management (Voucher Included)
$3,047 | 6 Months | 200 Course Hours

Woman at point of sale register for her business.

It takes more than a great idea to build a successful business. This course will teach you how to open and run a small business or start-up organization.

You’ll learn about communication and leadership skills, management principles, and financial and legal concepts needed to start and operate a new business entity successfully.

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Construction and Trades

Online Home Inspection Certificate
$2,720 | 12 Months | 200 Course Hours

Professional inspecting window in attic.

This online course will teach you everything you need to know to earn your Certificate in Home Inspection.

Throughout the course, you’ll build the fundamentals you’ll need to start your career as a home inspector. You’ll learn how to assess electrical, heating, plumbing, and structural systems, as well as proper documentation and more.

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Online Solar Energy Training
$1,193 | 3 Months | 40 Course Hours

Thumbnail of a woman looking at a clipboard near solar panels

Prepare to become well-equipped to position yourself for new career opportunities in the thriving solar industry.

You will learn and grasp the fundamental components of solar PV systems such as panels, inverters, controllers, and batteries, and how they work together to efficiently capture, convert, and store solar energy.

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Online Solar Panel Installer Training
$1,412 | 3 Months | 40 Course Hours

Thumbnail of a professional solar panel installer

This comprehensive program is designed to help you start a successful career in the photovoltaic solar (PV) industry—with the overall solar market expected to triple in size by 2028.

Completing the solar installer training program qualifies for a certificate of completion that satisfies the educational criteria established by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® (NABCEP®).

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Online Pharmacy Technician Training
$3,265 | 12 Months | 400 Course Hours

Pharmacist at the counter.

Launch your career as a certified pharmacy technician.

You’ll prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) National Certification exam and get help landing an externship with a leading pharmacy chain.

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Medical Billing and Coding
$3,265 | 12 Months | 370 Course Hours

Woman sitting at a desk with two computers

Get trained and prepared for a rewarding career as a certified medical administrative assistant working with medical billing and coding.

Whether you are just starting your career or transitioning into a different field, administrative healthcare workers are in high demand.

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Certified Medical Administrative Assistant with Medical Billing and Coding (Vouchers Included)
$3,695 | 12 Months | 530 Course Hours

Healthcare specialist with patient.

Prepare to enter a career as a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) as well as a medical biller and coder. Gain the skills needed for success in your new career, and the knowledge to pass the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) national certification exam offered by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). You will even receive a voucher to cover the exam fee as part of your course.

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Veterinary Assistant
$1,995 | 6 Months | 225 Course Hours

Veterinarians with puppy.

Turn your love of animals into a rewarding career as a veterinary assistant.

You’ll learn about animal anatomy and physiology, proper medical record procedure, common veterinary practices, and more.

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Medical Interpreter Online Training
$2,829 | 9 Months | 200 Course Hours

Medical interpreter explaining medicine to patient.

Want to start your career as a medical interpreter?

This course will prepare you to effectively interpret common healthcare-related phrases and medical terminology and communicate effectively in both English and Spanish.

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Online Clinical Dental Assistant Training
$2,995 | 6 Months | 240 Course Hours

Dental assistant with child patient.

This online course will help you gain the technical skills you need to begin working as a clinical dental assistant in any dental office.

As part of your course, you’ll also prepare for the Radiation Health and Safety and Infection Control components of the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) Exam.

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Online Sterile Processing Technician Training
$3,047 | 12 Months | 190 Course Hours

Hand in blue glove taking out sterile object

Sterile Processing Technicians (SPT), also known as Central Service Technicians, play a critical role in preventing infection by sterilizing, cleaning, processing, assembling, storing, and distributing medical supplies.

This online sterile processing technician certification course will train you to work as an SPT and prepares you for the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) certification offered by the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA). This course also includes a voucher which is prepaid access to sit for the certification exam upon eligibility.

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Certified Paralegal (Voucher Included)
$2,938 | 12 Months | 225 Course Hours

Paralegal at desk.

This online training course will train you to become a paralegal by teaching you how to perform tasks you’ll be responsible for performing on the job every day, including legal research, interviews, analysis, and more.

You’ll also prepare for the Certified Paralegal (CP) exam, offered by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA).

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Technical Training

HVAC/R Technician
$2,895 | 12 Months | 162 Course Hours

HVAC technician at side of the building.

This online course will prepare you for an entry-level role in the constantly growing and in-demand HVAC/R field.

You’ll study the basic requirements needed to earn a “work-ready” HVAC/R certificate, start an apprenticeship, and take the next step in your career.

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Residential Electrician Training
$2,829 | 12 Months | 125 Course Hours

Electrician working on a wall socket.

From cables and circuit breakers to problem-solving techniques, this online electrician training course can help you acquire the skills you need to become a residential electrician apprenticeship so you can gain experience and work toward becoming a licensed electrician.

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CompTIA Certification Online Training
$4,355 | 12 Months | 480 Course Hours

IT technician at desk.

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA™) is considered the world's leading technology association.

This online career training program will help you gain the knowledge and experience you need to launch your career by earning CompTIA's A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications.

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