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Enrolling in Open University is easy! Once SDSU’s students have signed up for their courses, you can browse available courses with open seats, fill out our enrollment form, and register for courses once registration opens.

Dates & Deadlines

Summer 2024

SDSU offers a twelve-week term (T1) and four sessions ranging from four to eight weeks in length (S1-4) to fit your summer schedule.

T1 (12 Weeks): May 20-August 9

  • Registration Opens: May 1

  • First Day of Classes: May 20

  • Auto Enroll Ends: May 27

  • Administrative Drop Deadline: May 29

  • Schedule Adjustment Deadline: May 31

  • Full Refund Drop Date: May 19

  • 65% Refund Drop Date (Cashier’s Office): June 9


S1 (6 Weeks): May 20-June 28

  • Registration Opens: May 1

  • First Day of Classes: May 20

  • Auto Enroll Ends: May 23

  • Administrative Drop Deadline: May 24

  • Schedule Adjustment Deadline: May 29

  • Full Refund Drop Date: May 19

  • 65% Refund Drop Date (Cashier’s Office): May 29


S2 (6 Weeks): July 1-August 9

  • Registration Opens: May 1

  • First Day of Classes: July 1

  • Auto Enroll Ends: July 9

  • Administrative Drop Deadline: July 10

  • Schedule Adjustment Deadline: July 12

  • Full Refund Drop Date: June 30

  • 65% Refund Drop Date (Cashier’s Office): July 10


S3 (4 Weeks): June 3-28

  • Registration Opens: May 1

  • First Day of Classes: June 3

  • Auto Enroll Ends: June 3

  • Administrative Drop Deadline: June 4

  • Schedule Adjustment Deadline: June 5

  • Full Refund Drop Date: June 2

  • 65% Refund Drop Date (Cashier’s Office): June 9


S4 (8 Weeks): June 17-August 9

  • Registration Opens: May 1

  • First Day of Classes: June 17

  • Auto Enroll Ends: June 23

  • Administrative Drop Deadline: June 24

  • Schedule Adjustment Deadline: June 26

  • Full Refund Drop Date: June 16

  • 65% Refund Drop Date (Cashier’s Office): June 30


Spring 2024

Registration Opens: January 10, 2024

First Day of Classes: January 17, 2024

Auto Enroll Ends: January 28, 2024

Administrative Drop Deadline: January 26, 2024

Schedule Adjustment Change Deadline: February 2, 2024

Full Refund Drop Date: January 16, 2024*

65% Refund Drop Date (Cashier’s Office): February 2, 2024

*All refunds are subject to a $21 administrative charge. ASB/student fees will be deducted after your first class session.

**Registration or withdrawal after the deadline dates above are by petition, only for serious and compelling reasons.

Summer - Open University Information Flyer

How to Browse the Class Schedule

Before you enroll in courses through Open University, you can browse the class schedule to see what’s available.

  1. Visit to access the SDSU Class Schedule.

  2. Select the term in which you would like to view courses.

  3. Search for classes by keyword, subject, topic, or class. You can also click “Additional Ways to Search” and filter by Available Subjects.

  4. Click “Search” to view the available courses in the term you’ve selected.

  5. You can add filters to view different types of classes. Some of these filters include

    1. Campus: always select San Diego Campus to view courses available in Open University. Do not select Global Campus or Imperial Valley.

    2. Class Status: view courses with open seats, courses only available via waitlist, or closed courses.

    3. Units: the number of academic credits you can earn in a course.

    4. Class Meeting Days/Times: if a class is synchronous (set meeting times), you can filter by days and times you’ll be able to participate.

    5. Location: view courses that are held on-campus at SDSU, online, or at another location.

  6. Click a course to view more information.

    1. Course Information: a brief description of the course, along with units, grading policy, course components, and course career (level). The Course Schedule number should be in the title of the course.

    2. Class Selection: view detailed schedules of each section of the course, such as the days and times of the course, the classroom of the course, the name of the instructor, and the number of seats. Note that you should only register for one class section.

  7. Click on the Class Option you’re interested in and click on the Enrollment Information tab as it contains information about the prerequisites and requirements of the course.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change. Certain courses may not be available once registration opens. We recommend that you check the schedule frequently to ensure that your course is still open.

How to Enroll

Please follow the instructions below to successfully register for courses through Open University.

  1. Browse the available courses in the SDSU Class Schedule.

  2. Click the Enroll button below to begin the registration process. Enrollment is completely free and requires no commitment to register for courses. Please indicate on the form that you’d like to register for Open University courses.

  3. Once you’ve filled out the Enrollment form, you’ll receive a confirmation email from SDSU Global Campus within 2-3 business days with the next steps to complete your enrollment.

  4. Once registration opens for your courses, you can register in the my.SDSU portal. Please note that you are responsible for meeting all course prerequisites prior to registration.

  5. Complete your full payment in my.SDSU after your registration has been submitted. Click here for more information on our payment and drop policy.

SDSU’s Wait List process uses a first on, first off approach. This means that a student will get off the waitlist in the order they are put on. For example, a student who is third on the waitlist will be the third person off the waitlist.

Click here for more information on the wait list process.

After auto-enrollment ends, class registration is by permission number only. Click here for information on class permission.

Note: Undergraduate students who have been disqualified from SDSU are not allowed to attend Open University or classes through SDSU Global Campus special sessions until one year from the date of disqualification. Graduate students must wait one semester after disqualification.

If you have any questions about the enrollment process, please contact the SDSU Global Campus registration office. For questions regarding payment, please contact the Cashier’s Office.

Registration Office: 619-594-5152 | Email:
Cashiers Office: Email:
Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (available by phone and email) hello

Current students: visit my.SDSU to view your current courses. For assistance with Canvas, please contact the SDSU Global Campus IT Support Team by visiting