Susie Baggs Bio Photo

Susie Baggs is the owner and founder of Brown Bag Beverage, a craft beer distributor based in San Diego. She started the company using a passion for customer service and craft beer with the desire to shake up the craft beer distribution segment in San Diego. Her passion for craft beer started long before, while she was in college, but her focus on distribution came after a stint in the restaurant industry.

In 2010, Susie began an adventure that would soon take over her days and nights for two years. Susie and a friend opened a restaurant in Hillcrest, San Diego. During those years, in addition to all the hard work, Susie learned a ton about hospitality as well as the food and beverage industry. It was here that it became apparent that customer service in the beer distribution channels was hard to come by, if not non-existent. Susie decided it was clear that she needed to find a way to fill this gap. California had close to 400 craft breweries throughout the state, and Susie was confident that many of them were as passionate about great service as they are about craft beer. 

Susie created Brown Bag Beverage in 2013 to guarantee quality throughout the entire craft beer process, from malting to drinking. 5-1/2 years later, Brown Bag Beverage now distributes over 27 craft beer, cider, wine, kombucha, and hard seltzers with a focus on great products and superior customer service.